Are you the brain specialist?

I am a programmer, with a Computer Science major and currently pursuing my MSc. degree at IME - USP. I will write more about my Master's in due time.

I have programmed in a number of languages (of some of which I'm not necessarily proud), and I currently use Python as my language of choice. I've been an advisor for the Python Brasil Association (APyB) since 2007, and have made some contributions to libraries and the Python language itself (links forthcoming).

What else? I've recently completely rebooted this website using Django and django-diario (it previously used Plone - hey, thanks for the many years of fine service!), so it really is under construction. Please let me know if something's not working (or you think can be improved).

BTW, you can reach me at rsffgbp@isnomolqlfre.nef10r;tsffg (if the address shows up garbled, that's "rbp" at this site's domain).

If you want, I have a GPG key (also available at keyservers), whose fingerprint should be 30FA C146 56B2 A50E 053B 1E7C 03EA E89A 0DB1 4978