Google Wave invite giveaway result!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Google Wave invite giveaway!

I've just drawn a random name from those who followed the giveaway rules (on Google Reader, "like" one of the other two posts on this site, and share the giveaway one). I've recorded the drawing process, so you can see it was done in all fairness:

*[I had embedded a video here, but some people reported problems with it. So now here's a screenshot, and you can see the video separately, if you want; sorry]*

Giveaway drawing

Congratulations, Sviatoslav S, you get the Google Wave invite! Please add some contact information (at least temporarily) to your Google profile, so I can send you your invite. If you have any questions please send me an email or leave a comment on this post. I hope to hear from you soon!


It turns out I do have a second invite! And, ironically enough, I found it quite hard to get rid of it...

Once I found out I had the extra invite, I quickly drew another name from the list:

Second giveaway, first drawing - it sank into the swamp

Congratulations, Maurizio! You... Oh, wait. Apparently he's not following the rules of the giveaway. I can't really tell whether he never has or if he gave up after the first invite went out, but rules are rules. So let's draw another one:

Second giveaway, second drawing - that sank into the swamp

Hooray! Brian was one of the first to participate when I announced the giveaway. So I contacted him. But he had already been invited by somebody else, and graciously allowed me to hand the invite over to another participant. So...

Second giveaway, third drawing - intermission

Right. Daniduc is already in Google Wave. He had actually "liked" and "shared" the posts before I announced the giveaway, and had already told me he wouldn't need the extra invite. Next!

Second giveaway, fourth drawing - burnt down, fell off, then sank into the swamp

Ah! I'd talked to Leonardo just yesterday, and he didn't have a Wave account yet! So congr... Ah, he got his from someone else this morning. Right. But the fifth one...

Second giveaway, fifth drawing - stayed up!

So that's what you're going to get, Badá! The strongest castle in these islands A Google Wave invite! I've already added you to the list, hopefully Google will send you the invite soon.

As for the others, thank you so much for participating!

Hope to see you all soon on Google Wave :)

Update: Since the giveaway has ended, I'm closing this entry's comments (which are starting to become a spam nest). If you want a Google Wave invite, let me know, I might still have some.

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